Work material for report design

Design two comprehensive full functional SQL based standard reports for DHIS2 version 2.18

Work material

  • Copy of the PostgreSQL database serving the specific DHIS2 version 2.18 installation.
    sql file
  • Meta-data export from specific DHIS2 version 2.18 installation
    xml zipped file
  • Live or static DHIS2 installation version 2.18, use one of them or both at your convenience.
    WAR file
    Live from Replace the content of /webapps/dhis/ folder with the uncompressed 2.18 WAR file, because this live is based on last version.


The reports to be developed must be based on the following two dataSets:  APM-00 and PASD-01
APM-00 is the first form
PASD-01 is the second form.