Cooperation and humanitarian assistance experience



My work in Mozambique begun in 1987 as teacher of electronics, computer technology and mathematics at the former Ministry of Information. At that time the civil war was ravaging Mozambique, the environmental, psychological and economical conditions were typical of a country in war. My work focused in training the technicians pertaining to the local radio, television and social communication services. Information was channelled mainly by radio broadcast and social communication workers by means of open air cinemas in the villages. Shows focused on public health and school education.
Radio broadcast focused on general information, culture and national politics. In 1989 I started my work at the Maputo’s Provincial Government as teacher in computer technology and geographical information system programming. In 1991 I work at the Ministry of Agriculture as teacher, computer technology consultant and statistic information systems programmer.
From 1999 to 2002 I work at the Ministries of Industry, Commerce, Health as information systems programmer. From 2003 to 2007 I am project director at the National Photographic Archive. Since 2008 I’m developing the Mozambican Natural History Museum database.


The last officially recognized genocide of XXth century, and part of human history, pertains to Rwanda. In this country I worked as responsible of several refugee camps. In Butare (south), close to Burundi’s border and Gisenyi (north) close to the DRC border. Organizing and managing refugee camps is like creating villages. Shelters building, food distribution, drinkable water production, communication roads maintenance, supply, health care coordination, family reunification, support to children without parents. All that work in close collaboration with government and local institutions, international agencies, funding governments and agencies, humanitarian organizations.

Sierra Leone

Diamonds and gold should make dreams a reality, in Sierra Leone the reality has been the worst nightmare. I worked as projects responsible during two different periods. During the first period I managed ongoing and new health projects. During the second period I wrote 12 projects for health, training, communication activities. I worked in close collaboration with international human rights agencies, I prepared several important reports. I experienced a warm welcome in the catholic missions with which I collaborated. I learned how cinical can be the business world and observed slaughters on behalf of profit.


Great touristic country, but also escape way for refugees coming from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan. I managed administration and health logistics for three camps with a total of 30,000 refugees.
I coordinated radio communications and security in the desert. I experienced the human relation among operators on a dangerous field, close to the Somali border.

Congo (DRC)

Africa’s Great Lakes region was a reach tourist attraction, war turned it at the opposite. I managed health structures rehabilitation, public markets construction, guard stations construction for gorillas protection. A work under constant pressure due to the poor security conditions. It was always necessary to organize an escape way.

Guinea Conakry

The coup d’etat in Sierra Leone on 1997 makes Guinea Conakry a huge refugee camp. I participated in supporting a small community of Sierra Leone citizens. I experienced the escape from the refugee side since I have been a refugee myself during a short period.

South Africa

On 1998 Southafrican Ministry of Health lacked professionals in the rural areas. International cooperation, particularly Italy and Cuba, was involved for help and support. I trained nurse in order to be able to use PCs and statistics software for health data processing, mainly AIDS related, at the rural hospital of Mbongolwane.


Dissolution and war in the former Yugoslavia obliged part of the population to leave their homes and become refugees. Humanitarian organizations launched an appeal for solidarity to volunteers worldwide. I answered to the appeal and worked as volunteer in a refugee camp in Croatia. The work focused on practical support to women and children.


Armenia was devastated by a earthquake killing around half million people. Moreover war with neighbour Azerbaijan contributed to worse the precarious conditions of the country. I worked as health projects coordinator managing relations with local authorities, european governments, international and humanitarian organizations. I’ve been responsible for administration and security of local and expat personnel. My knowledge og Russian, English, French, Greek was useful for my work.


Yemen was destabilized by a civil war and an endless series of small local fights. International cooperation agencies committed themselves to maintain the stability of the country. I worked in support of health system in the field of logistics and computer technology. My knowledge of Arabic language and culture was useful to achieve results.


Electronics, informatics, teaching


Radio Mozambique

The former Ministry of Information needed to train technicians in electronics. I worked as teacher in electronics, mathematics and computer technology at the Radio Mozambique labs. The goal of teaching of mathematics was to give the necessary knowledge in order to design electronic circuits both analogic and digital. The design of analogic circuits required the knowledge of complex numbers and differential equations. The design of digital circuits required the knowledge of boolean algebra. 90% of trained technicians were able to design and build electronic circuits. The courses in computer technology were open to other ministries and international organizations. I opened courses about DOS and application programs under DOS. These courses were the first in the history of Mozambique.

Ministry of Agriculture (Mozambique)

During the war period, Mozambican Ministry of Agriculture had to take in consideration an important variable: population migration because of lack of security. This variable was necessary in order to analyse agriculture production. I designed and developed databases and software for the information system and statistics. I developed software for information bulletin production. I trained the local personnel to software programming.

Ministry of Health (South Africa)

South Africa seems like an European country at first glance, nevertheless a lot of rural areas are strongly affected by AIDS. I worked as teacher in computing and statistics.

Ministry of Health (Yemen)

Yemen health structure is consistent but lacks of qualified personnel. Local culture does not easily allow women recruitment. Men do not consider convenient to work as backup staff or paramedic. As a consequence most of the personnel in health structure is composed by foreigners, commonly not able to communicate in Arabic language. The Ministry of Health used to receive a lot of reports written in various languages. Support to the MOH information system with particular care to the linguistic aspect was one of the main activities I have performed.

Ministry of Industry (Mozambique)

After the war, Mozambique needed to standardize the internal administration. Import and export check consistency was a main goal. I developed software utilities in order to achieve the main goal.

National Photographic Archive (Mozambique)

The Photographic Training Center thanks to the huge collection and preservation became national archive. During the period 2000-2007 I took care of the digitalization system of a large amount of pictures. Improve the accessibility and preservation are the main goals.

Original Technology (Mozambique)

Original Technology is a software house where I was stakeholder and director. Production of software was the main activity.

Natural History Museum (Mozambique)

The “Museu de História Natural” located in Maputo is an important meeting point of history and culture in Mozambique. Since 2008 I’m collaborating as database specialist, analist and programmer. I developed the Museum web site where is possible to visit some of its collections. Web site address is:


Civil society, community involvement


Italia dei Valori (political party)

Years of experience in developing countries strengthen my base idea that corruption and legal inequality are cause of social tensions for any population. Environment deterioration, social chaos, difficult education and health services access, violence are direct consequences of corruption and illegality. Are not just words, but real situations observed during my work experiences in developing countries. The wish to give a contribution to the fight against corruption is the main reason why I joined the Italian political party Italia Dei Valori and his president Antonio Di Pietro. In 2013, the resignation of Antonio Di Pietro and the drift toward the Liberals convinced me to look for the values ​​quoted somewhere else.

Entrepreneurs in Mozambique

One of the most important association is EIM (Italian Entrepreneurs in Mozambique). I have been member of board of directors. I participated actively to the association initiatives.

Orizzonti Nuovi (media)

Orizzonti Nuovi is the official media of “Italia Dei Valori”. Since 2004 I am collaborating as reporter from Southern Africa. Orizzonti Nuovi web site address is:

Children at risk

Thanks to the sensibility of the association Saman Italy, it was possible to create the homonym association in Mozambique in which I am a board of directors member. The association takes care of abandoned children with special attention to the drug issue. Saman Italy web site address is:

Italian School

The Italian School in Maputo, Mozambique was named “Giovanni Falcone”, to remember a great magistrate that fought against the Mafia. I collaborate with the school as volunteer, teaching, each time is needed, mathematics, science and IT. School’s web site address is:


Since year 2000, because of an incident, I am paraplegic. Since then I’m in touch with several associations for disabled people. In Mozambique I’m involved in actions facilitating job search for disabled people.

Movement 5 stars

The reliability, perseverance, enthusiasm in pursuing recovery of Italian society, lead me to join the movement in 2009.