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Paper Title:


Summary of Content of Paper:





A: Quality of the Research

Item My comments

1. Is the research question or objective clearly stated?

2. Is the research question interesting and important?

3. Is the work original?

4. Is the background research clear and relevant?

5. Are there any ethical problems?


B: The Research Method

Item My comments

Summarise the research method

Does the research method seem appropriate for the research question?

Are the methods adequately described?

Were the analyses done correctly?

Are the conclusions supported by the data?


C: Quality of Presentation

Item My comments

Is the work well presented?

Is the paper well structured?

Are symbols, terms, and concepts adequately defined?

Would additional tables, figures help to clarify the work?


D: Additional Notes

Item My comments

Use this section to record additional notes on the paper. In particular you should identify any links to other topics and papers from the module